Research Services

  Mrs. Subrena Simpkins,  Interim Director (334) 242-2753
  Mrs. Sherri Nichols,  Staff Assistant (334) 353-1561
  Ms. Wanda Rowe,   Staff Associate (334) 353-9062


The Office of Research Services is responsible for:
  • Developing and maintaining the Statewide Student Database, 
    This entails:
    • Collecting and maintaining student unit records in public colleges and universities as required by law
    • Analyzing and reporting data included in legislatively mandated reports
    • Serving as liaison between the institutions and those requesting information from the database
  • Serving as a facilitator among other agencies and institutions on joint projects regarding institutional research
  • Supporting functions for other divisions of the agency with respect to data analysis and reporting
  • Coordinating all state and federal required data collection and analysis, for entities such as the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB),
  • Conducting activities and studies regarding issues in higher education to be used in policy formulation and debate.


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       Student Database Information

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Data Dictionaries
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Data Edits

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Legislative Mandate

Policy on Data Reporting Procedures

Sample Summary CAPP Transfer Report

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