The Instruction webpage includes links to policies and forms related to the review of proposals for new units and programs of instruction at Alabama public institutions; extensions and alterations of existing programs; review of existing programs of instruction; off-campus instruction; distance education; and maintenance of the Commission's Academic Program Inventory.

Click here for information concerning programmatic review of private institutions that operate as foreign corporations in Alabama.

  Dr. Leonard Lock,   Director of Instruction and Special Projects (334) 242-2104
  Ms. Margaret Pearson,   Academic Program Review Analyst (334) 242-2423

       Operational Definitions

       Commission Related Items

       The Academic Program Inventory    (The Inventory is updated after each Commission meeting)

       Categories of Instructional Items — Senior Institutions   

       Categories of Instructional Items — Public Two-Year Colleges   

       Public Universities - New Program Application/Proposal Submission & Implementation

Guidelines on Implementation of a New Program

[Includes NISP/Proposal format & Response forms]

Criteria for the Evaluation of Proposals for New Programs of Instruction

Procedures for the Evaluation & Review of New Programs of Instruction

The forms below are in MS Word format:

  • Form: Notification of Intent to Submit a Proposal (NISP) for a New Program of Instruction
  • Form: Institutional Response to Notification of Intent to Submit a Proposal (NISP) for a New Program of
  • Form: Proposal for a New Degree Program – New Application Tool
              (Begin using for the program proposals to be included in the September 14, 2018 Commission agenda.)
  • Form: Institutional Response to Baccalaureate Proposal

       Two-Year Public Colleges - New Program Application/Proposal Submission & Implementation

       Post-Implementation Reporting Guidance

       Guidelines--Review/Approval Of Consolidation/Merger - Two-Year Postsecondary Institutions

       Off-Campus Instruction Policy and Forms

Guidelines for the Regulation of Off-Campus Instruction

Guidelines for the Designation of Branch Campus Status

Form:  Proposal for a New Off-Campus Site  (Excel)

Form:  Annual Off-Campus Site Follow-up Report  (Excel)

       Review of Extensions & Alterations to Existing Programs & Units of Instruction

       Review of Existing Programs

       Distance Education Policy

       Instructional Role

       Non-Degree Programs

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