Facilities Inventory as Required by Alabama Code 1975, §41-4-18

Alabama Code 1975, §41-4-18(a)(4) requires the Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE) to develop and maintain a facilities inventory, in the manner prescribed by the State Department of Finance, of all state university facilities and to make the data available in a format acceptable to the State Department of Finance.

Ala. Code 1975, §41-4-18(a)(6) states that the State Department of Finance shall utilize any available information for existing inventories of facilities and land to develop and maintain the inventory as required by Ala. Code 1975, §41-4-18.

The Department of Finance’s Division of Risk Management (DORM) is responsible for insuring state buildings and properties, including those owned by the state public universities and colleges. The public colleges and universities annually submit a list of properties to be insured by DORM on a property certification form. DORM maintains an inventory of all facilities that are insured by it. As the inventory contains the majority of all facilities owned or leased by the state public colleges and universities it is being used by ACHE as the main source for compliance with Ala. Code 1975, §41-4-18(a)(4). The DORM facilities inventory database can be found at http://riskmgt.alabama.gov/PropertySearch.aspx.

ACHE will also annually collect supplemental information on any property owned or leased by a state public university that is not included in the DORM facilities inventory database.

For information on this page contact Susan Cagle, Director of Institutional Finance & Facilities, Alabama Commission on Higher Education, at (334) 242-2105 or susan.cagle@ache.alabama.gov.

For information on the facilities owned or leased by the Universities please contact the institutions directly. Contact information for all of the institutions can be found here: http://www.ache.edu/Content/CollegesUniversities/Directory.aspx.

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Last Updated August 15, 2018

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