2003-2004 Statistical Abstract

Published by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education
Institutional Research

Last Updated 9/20/2005

Individual files in Excel and Adobe PDF format are contained within the categories listed below.  Click here for instructions for downloading Excel files. Click here to view the complete abstract with the exception of the following reports which are located in the Student Database Reports category: High School Report 2002-2003, Retention Report of 1st Time Degree-Seeking Freshmen - Fall 2002, Tuition & Residency Status Report - Fall 2003 and Source of New Undergraduate Transfers, Fall 2003.  These reports may be view individually from the category listed below.

Map of Institutions of Higher Education Institutional Data Summary  
Current Enrollment  Tuition and Required Fees   
Average Faculty Salaries    Completions - (Degrees Conferred)
Student Database Reports Notes 

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